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--- In this Cherry Blossom 6 hour workshop, Dee will teach on the two different techniques that she uses to put together pixel quilts. Once participants have tried both of these techniques for themselves, they will be ready to decide which one would suit them best for making their own pixel quilt. --- Participants will leave the workshop with a 9-patch cherry blossom which can be made into a wall hanging or cushion cover, or which can serve as the start of the Cherry Blossom Quilt, which is due to be released in late Spring 2024. --- Participants will also get the opportunity to spend some time with Dee and design their own pixel quilt and the custom pattern will be emailed to them direct. Participants should note that the will need to select 6 images they would like to try as a pixel quilt and should none of those images work, Dee will work with them to try additional images outside of the classroom.

Cost: $ 120.00
Simple Sew Class for all skill levels! Come join in on the sewing fun!

Cost: $ 30.00